Predictions for the Fourth Quarter of 2006

24 September 2006

Dear Friends:

Here are my working hypotheses and predictions for the fourth quarter of 2006:

1) Humanity has now entered the culminating phase of our "final examination prior to graduation" from the third dimension in separation consciousness to the fourth dimension in unity consciousness.

2) The year 2006 constitutes "the dividing of the ways", during the course of which everyone is required to make a choice between being a darkworker who chooses war and being a lightworker who chooses peace.

3) Millions of people will march for peace on 5 October 2006 in an all-out effort to terminate the illegitimate Bush regime, but the Bush regime, which is backed by the Rothschilds, Windsors, and Rockefellers of the Dark Illuminati with their trillions of dollars, will continue to ignore the wishes of the vast majority of humanity and will attempt to ruthlessly suppress all opposition.

4) What is more, the Bush regime will continue its efforts to carry out the New World Order agenda of the global elite by preparing for a preemptive attack against Iran before the end of October and prior to the midterm elections of  7 November 2006.

5) While the voters will make a determined effort to remove the congressional supporters of the Bush regime, the Bush regime
will make an equally determined effort to steal another election, so the outcome of this midterm election is extremely uncertain.

6) In accordance with the Divine Plan for Planet Earth, the fifth-dimensional emissaries of the Galactic Federation will openly
intervene so as to remove the illegitimate Bush regime and effectively checkmate the Dark Illuminati before the end of 2007.

7) The emissaries of the Galactic Federation will then assist humanity to restore constitutional government, to heal Mother Earth,
and to prepare for planetary ascension into the fourth dimension of consciousness before the end of 2012.

In Love's pure Light,

All-is-one Heartsong

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