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You are now in the advanced stages of a spiritual pregnancy that will give birth to Christ Consciousness on Planet Earth.

You are now in the process of shifting from separation consciousness to unity consciousness, and this shift will become increasingly apparent over the next twelve months.

You will find yourself standing on a precipice of choice as the world around you becomes increasingly unreal.

Zero point marks the point where you shift out of the third dimension into the fourth dimension but choose to remain on Planet Earth to assist the remainder of humanity to make this transition.



World events will accelerate beginning in January 2004.

World events are catalysts for facilitating the awakening of humanity.

The world of illusion is now beginning to fall away.

All of your illusions will dissolve during the next two years as you embrace the truth of who you really are.



Humanity is now on the threshold of a quantum leap.

Humanity will awaken, and people will reclaim their power.

The government will not be coming after you, because there will be no government, so you will govern yourselves.

Soon you will hear the greatest call you have ever heard: the call of your Creator calling you to union.

Be ready and do not allow yourself to be distracted.

It will be extremely challenging for most people, and some will succumb to fear and insanity or to depression and suicide.

You will need to have courage in order to transcend your fears and your doubts.



You are now on the threshold of radical transformation and will soon awaken to new perspectives.

Your next evolutionary step is to become one with your Earth Mother in Christ Consciousness.

The imprinting of new patterns will occur during February and March, so be prepared to release the old and to receive the new.

You will soon begin to hear the Heart of God calling you.

It will be the most dramatic heart awakening that humanity has ever experienced.

This opening of the heart chakra will cause an opening of the crown chakra in free-flow communion with Source.

This great heart opening is what has been referred to as The Rapture.

You are being called to expand your consciousness as your Earth Mother births humanity into Christ Consciousness.



The planetary ascension process is a profound initiation that will test your faith and trust in your Creator.

You are about to accelerate into a wild rollercoaster ride that will culminate in the merging of polarities.

Your courage is going to enable you to claim your mastery and to fulfill your destiny.

Your Creator is about to call out to you, and your heart will respond.

It will not be an audible voice, but a frequency of feeling that will be unmistakable.

Your hearts are going to be opened as you shift from separation consciousness into unity consciousness.

As you free yourself from guilt and blame through forgiving love, you will emerge from your experience of separation consciousness triumphant.

Trust the process and be willing to own it all so that you can be it all.



The next evolutionary step has been chosen by your Creator and will occur on Planet Earth during the next two years.

The intent of this new wave of evolution is the end of separation consciousness.

During the next thirty days, you are going to be hit between the eyes.

This will be the first direct transmission from Creator to humanity since before Atlantis.

This new wave of evolution will be different from anything that humanity has ever experienced.

It will be as if you have been transported into another world where you wonít recognize yourself.

Everything rooted in separation consciousness will be uprooted during the next two years.

Prepare yourself for the enormous change that is now about to occur.



You are about to create a quantum leap in the evolutionary process.

This quantum leap will manifest as extreme polarization which will culminate in the merging of polarities.

You are about to emerge from the veils of forgetfulness to claim your mastery.



You are now in a time of revolutionary change.

It will affect every aspect of your life, including your chakras and your belief systems.

Your hearts are about to open beyond anything that you have ever experienced before.

This is the most powerful lifetime that you will ever know.

The energies that are currently coming in will have full impact by July of 2004.

The essence of their purpose is the expansion of consciousness.

You may experience some chaos, confusion, and disorientation.

Planet Earth is destined to demonstrate the shift from separation consciousness to unity consciousness.



This will be your final lifetime in separation consciousness.

These moments in which you now live are times of intense unification.

You are witnessing the collapse of time and the disintegration of the world of illusion.

When you see earth changes happening rapidly, say goodbye to the world of illusion.

Let all illusions fall away, and welcome the new reality.

Commune with your Earth Mother, and call forth your return home to your Creator.

I am your mirror, beloveds, and I come in love to facilitate your return to union.



Your planet is now in the throes of great change.

The flow of energy now occurring is a process of imprinting Christ Consciousness on Planet Earth.

I urge you to focus your attention on expanding your awareness.

Be prepared to experience extreme polarization and to merge the polarized complements into unity.

During the next two months, your intent to claim your mastery will bring you enormous gifts of mastery.

Absolute faith is the key to claiming your mastery and demonstrating unity consicousness.

Make the most of this extraordinary opportunity which is now available.

The time is now.



It is vital that you spend five minutes every morning and one hour every Sunday communing with your Mother Earth by means of what I shall call the accelerator meditation.

If you are not plugged into your Mother Earth, you will soon be off the planet!

The key to the accelerator meditation is to breathe as deeply as possible with the intent to receive the high frequency love energies that are now bathing the planet.

Also, ask for attunement with your Mother Earth just before going to sleep at night.

This will allow you to participate fully in the planetary initiation that is now in process.

Soon, you will be able to hear the voice of your Mother Earth and the voice of your Creator Source.

There will be several initiation points from now to 2012.

To expand your consciousness with maximum effectiveness, simply choose to feel your oneness with your Mother Earth.

You are working your way toward freedom from all forms of limitation and separation.

You cannot be trapped in the illusion of limitation unless you have chosen to be.

The freedom of your will is the key to mastery.

You have come back from the future to create and experience this planetary initiation.

We need your fully-owned and fully-realized I AM Presence on the planet at this time.

The seed within your I AM is the unique identity of your essential self determined by the intent of your Creator which began to awaken in February of 2004.

Planet Earth will become a multidimensional healing center for the entire universe.

Surrender to change and trust the process.



We are going to bring powerful initiatory energies today that will penetrate every chakra and every cell of your body.

Breathe deeply and receive as much as you possibly can.

These energies will allow you to experience planetary initiation as it is experienced by your Mother Earth and will provide you with evidence that your enlightenment is now imminent.

Your Mother Earth was once a neophyte planetary consciousness who chose this experience that is now unfolding.

Gaia is a being of awesome love who represents the Heart of the Creator.

Your Mother Earth is the instrument of union for this solar system.

She is an incarnation of the Divine Mother and she has loved and nurtured and allowed.

Her first priority is to assist those of mankind who are ready to embrace Christ Consciousness.

She knows this journey has not been easy for you; nor has this journey been easy for her.

The balance which she requires to keep her position has come very close to destruction.

She has the ability to renew herself at any time, but she would rather decease her embodiment than continue without humanity.

During the past 200 years, humanity has begun to awaken to the fact that Planet Earth is a conscious being.

You are now in the process of reestablishing conscious communion with your Mother Earth, and you will soon be able to reverse the aging process.

The Divine Plan for this planet is succeeding, and there is no longer any danger that Planet Earth will be destroyed.

You are here to co-create Christ Consciousness on Planet Earth.

Between now and 2012, there will be seven planetary initiations, the first of which began in February of 2004.

These seven initiation points will be gateways to freedom for all who choose.

These initiations will facilitate an enormous birthing.

Do everything you can to make the most of this grand opportunity to achieve freedom from limitation.

Focus on realizing as much truth as you possibly can.

Within less than a year, the next wave of initiation will begin, the power of which will be experienced as a great shock.

This second initiation, early in 2005, will be a major choice point for humanity.

The last half of 2006 will bring the third initiation, called Genesis, which will be shrouded in mystery.

This third initiation will bring the greatest transformation that this planet has ever known.

Much of the radical change in consciousness will occur between 2004 and 2008.

The last three initiations in 2008, 2010, and 2012 will be the final steps to the union of polarities.

The initiation in 2008 will prepare the way with understanding.

The initiation in 2010 will be the energy of unconditional love opening the doorway to union.

Each initiation will involve radical expansions of consciousness beyond your present understanding.

Surrender to the changes and trust the process.

Understand that God is in charge, contrary to what some people believe.

Your present leaders simply do not understand this planetary ascension process.

Your Mother Earth is now choosing to become a Christed Planet of great love, light, and healing.

You will establish this planet as a major healing center known throughout the universe.



The first of seven initiation gateways is now opening between February and May of 2004.

Your process has now become like that of a tightrope walker.

Maintaining your balance is becoming more challenging as radical change occurs.

Knowing yourself and trusting yourself is the key to maintaining your balance.

The way to maintain your balance is to learn how to live in the multidimensional forever NOW of your unlimited higher self.

Breathe deeply the downward flow of golden light from Father Source to Mother Earth and the upward flow of golden light from Mother Earth of Father Source.

This is the golden master key that will open all of your chakras to full God Realization by awakening your Master Plan.



The new paradigm will be our subject during the month of April.

A core matrix has just been given to the light realms by our Creator to assist humanity at this pivotal point in human history.

The purpose of the core matrix is to provide structure for the new energies which are now being transmitted to Planet Earth.

The core matrix is like an insurance policy which guarantees that these new energies will create a Christed planet.

The function of the core matrix is to magnify divine truth and divine law.

From this week onward, the experiences of lightworkers will be greatly magnified.

As a consequence, your experiences of extreme polarization will become greatly intensified.

This core matrix will have the effect of facilitating the transition of humanity from unenlightened separation consciousness in the third dimension to enlightened unity consciousness in the fourth dimension.

This planetary ascension process is occurring because of the choice that has been made by your Mother Earth.

Humanity is now being called to return to unity consciousness.

The core matrix will support what is true and disintegrate what is false.

It is the last trumpet and the final calling to Homecoming.

All ego-based structures will collapse as separation consciousness unravels and disintegrates.

This will allow you to free yourself from limitation.

Are you ready to let go of all that is unreal and to surrender to the reality of God.

It is time for you to claim your mastery.

Partnership with God is the key to manifesting miracles.

Love yourself unconditionally and live your life passionately.

Expansion of consciousness occurs through your emotions and feelings.

Embrace the whole spectrum of human experience.

Owning your experiences is the way to free yourself from projecting your experience in separation consciousness.

All eyes are on Planet Earth at this momentous time in human history.



Humanity is now in the process of being imprinted with an entirely new way of being.

This is a direct consequence of a command issued by our Creator: "You have asked for union, and it is now given, so work it out."

The new paradigm involves merging all polarities into unity consciousness.

This will produce a Christed Planet, which will be radically different from the world as you have known it.

Soon you will begin to feel the powerful energies of Maitreya, who holds the office of Planetary Christ.

Already you are beginning to experience Godís response to your deepest calling.

You will soon begin to experience evidence that the world is becoming transformed.

Initially this transformation will be experienced inwardly.

Radical change will occur in ways unspeakable.

Only the heart will know what the mind will be unable to comprehend.

The transformation of this planet has already begun.

The essential change that is now occurring is internal rather than external and is happening from the inside out.

To allow these changes that you cannot comprehend requires total trust in the process.

Prepare yourselves to merge with these new energies, which will cause you to feel like you are going to explode and implode simultaneously.

As you breathe in these energies, you will gradually come to understand the nature of this imprinting process.

The essence of what is being imprinted is unconditional love and divine truth.

When you embrace yourself fully, you will then know your Creator.

You are the pioneers of the New Age, who will come forth like the Phoenix rising from its ashes.

Planet Earth will become an educational planet as well as a healing planet for the purpose of teaching how to move out of bondage into freedom.



You may be wondering what a master does other than speaking through channels.

The fact is that we are working continuously because we do not need sleep.

We have been preparing for planetary ascension during the past six decades.

My life 2,000 years ago marked the beginning of mankindís ascension into higher consciousness.

When one human being demonstrates mastery, it elevates the whole of humanity.

The idea that I died for your sins is false.

I did not die, and you are not sinners.

There is no judgment, and there is no punishment.

Even forgiveness is part of the illusion of separation.

I chose my mission for the benefit of humanity so that all would know that it is possible to become an ascended master.

You too will be called to contribute to the upliftment of humanity.

You have come as lightworkers to lay the foundation for a new world of enlightened consciousness.

During the next few years, some lightworkers will demonstrate ascended master consciousness without leaving the planet.

The opening of your heart is the key to mastery.

Love yourself, empower yourself, and know that you are the creator of your experience.

You are here to do what most people have not yet chosen.

The low self-esteem of humanity causes most to separate themselves by putting ascended masters on a pedestal to be worshiped rather than choosing to follow their example.

Part of our job is to help you raise your self esteem by opening your connection with your own I AM.

Every master is working diligently with every lightworker on the planet at present, but we can only do what you are willing to allow.

We speak to you telepathically through your thoughts to the extent that you allow.

We love it when you are open to our wake-up calls.

We encourage you to create an intensified focus on gaining your mastery.

Before you complete this incarnation, you are going to do a thousand times more than you have done thus far.

Learning how to embrace your separated aspect when it offers resistance and distractions is the key to claiming your mastery.

When you realize your mastery, you will then take on greater spiritual responsibility.

Your limited self is a reverse mirror reflection of your unlimited self.

Your separated aspect will respond only to the unconditional love from your unlimited self.

The more you are able to bring your separated aspect into wholeness, the more we can be experienced by you.

The divine plan is now in place, and you are now on the threshold of radical change.

Your physical bodies are now in the process of becoming less dense, and your identities are shifting from human to divine.

Your inner work is of the utmost importance, and nothing else matters.

In the past, we attempted to manifest to humanity but were forced to withdraw when we were worshiped.

At the time of our great departure, humanity felt abandoned, but this created a profound longing for a return to oneness.

The great reunion has already begun, and you and we are now doing the work which will allow this grand reunion to manifest.

You have promised your Creator to incarnate on Earth to facilitate the homecoming of humanity.

We too are hearing the call to return to the Heart of our Creator.

You are here to be God I AM realized and to assist others to do the same.



As you know, I am the one to whom other ascended masters look for guidance.

I am a master of the third degree, which means that I operate on a planetary scale.

My role is to preserve and uphold Christ Consciousness on Planet Earth.

In addition to overseeing the other ascended masters, I sometimes work with humanity directly.

I am the guardian of the doorway to Christed realization or reunion after separation.

The doorway to Christing is now fully open and well protected from any interference.

There was a time in your history as described in your Old Testament when humanity was more under the influence of the dark forces than it now is.

Because so much has been accomplished over the past 4,000 years, the dark forces can no longer interfere with the manifestation of Christ Consciousness on Planet Earth.

Nevertheless, the dark forces are continuing to subject humanity to temptations, distractions, and challenges.

It was your Mother Earth who made the choice to introduce the initiation process for the benefit of all humanity.

The process of initiation is an enormous undertaking for any human being.

Initiation is not just a ceremony.

The initiation process begins when a human being calls for reunion with the Creator.

Our supervision begins during the third initiation and becomes comprehensive during the fourth initiation.

Once you have completed your third initiation, you are on your spiritual path.

By the time you reach the fourth initiation, you have telepathic and clairvoyant contact with the light realms.

The fourth initiation is characterized by total surrender and complete trust.

Once you have experienced the fourth initiation by Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos, your life accelerates tremendously.

During your fourth initiation, you experience the oneness of unity consciousness, and when you complete the fifth initiation, you are an ascended master.

I want you to understand that there is a very definite sequence of steps involved in the return home to Source.

We are acutely aware of exactly where each one of you is on your path to the realization of your mastery.

The separated aspect that you have developed during many lifetimes in separation consciousness will create inner conflict and may appear to be your own worst enemy.

This internal conflict created by your separated aspect may give rise to great confusion.

At the same time, you will be developing faith and trust, as miracles begin to appear in your lives.

Eventually, you will release the illusion of victim consciousness.

The key to mastery is the choice to place your mind in the service of your heart.

Your outer choices are unimportant in comparison with your inner choices.

If you focus on externals, you will become hopelessly lost.

The more you do your inner work, the more we can help you.

Your planet is now about to be immersed in total chaos, and as a consequence you will have no choice but to look within yourself.

The body of your Mother Earth is transforming even as your own bodies are transforming.

Prepare to receive the limitless love of your Creator by opening your hearts more fully than ever before.

Now is the time to make the empowering choice to open your heart, to make your ascension, and to realize your mastery.

Once you are divinely ordained as an ascended master, you will be able to come and go as you choose by manifesting as a light body and by precipitating a physical body any time you choose.



You are being stretched by the intensifying planetary energies.

Your bodies are experiencing these new energies as being very strange.

I encourage you to breathe in these strange energies and to trust the process.

Spending time in meditation is now more important than ever.

Humanity is now being brought to the threshold of the fourth dimension by these energies.

Your Creator is communicating the precise information and DNA coding that you will need for this next step in the evolution of humanity.

All you need do is to breathe in these energies so as to become one with them.

These energies will help you to understand who you really are and why you are here on Planet Earth at this time.



You are now in the process of establishing a whole new way of life on Planet Earth.

The new paradigm is without precedent in the history of this planet and will manifest as radical change in every area of human activity.

It will open the door to union through the merging of all polarities, which will create a whole new reality.

Polarization of consciousness is now intensifying in preparation for union.

Polarized complements which appear to be polarized opposites are now in the process of merging into unity consciousness.

When you experience extreme opposites, realize that the Hand of God is at work creating union.

Because of the radical changes which are now taking place, you will experience confusion and identity crisis during the birthing process.

Live in the continuous present and embrace every experience without judgment and without attachment.

Simply allow the God I AM within you to make itself manifest.

You are living and witnessing the birth of the I AM within yourself.

This is the grandest time for humanity and for Mother Earth herself.

Remember that it is not what you do but who you are that is all important.



Rather than focusing your attention on the external events which are now taking place on Planet Earth, I encourage you to keep the focus of your attention on God I AM within you.

The love of your Creator will carry you through this challenging time of transition from the third into the fourth dimension of consciousness.

You will be letting go of all false beliefs that are not in alignment with who you really are as God I AM.

You will be embracing a whole new way of living in physical embodiment, which will be so magnificent that you cannot even imagine it at present.

You are now moving through a sacred corridor which will serve as an isolation chamber for all those who are in alignment with spirit and are choosing to return home to Source.

This corridor is somewhat like the tunnel of light which is experienced when making the transition known as death in that it will provide you with comforting love on your journey into homecoming.

This corridor will lead you directly to your Creator through a series of doorways that will require keys to open.

You will be immune to perceived danger while you are moving through this corridor.

Because you will be immune to fear and separation consciousness, you will be like masters and angels on this Earthplane.

All truth will be revealed to you within this corridor, enabling you to pass every test.

You will be moving through the fire of the I AM, which will ignite your heart-flame.

Every truth which you embrace will ignite your heart-flame more fully.

If you look ahead as you are passing through this sacred corridor, you may be able to see or hear messages from your Creator which are designed to serve as signposts to guide you during your homecoming process.

Your choice to align with your Earth Mother is what allows you to pass through this corridor.

Breathe in the heart of your Creator and you will come to realize that being one with your Creator is the only thing that you have ever really wanted.

Know that this sacred corridor is your pathway home to your Creator.

Use it in accordance with your own inner knowing.

It is a gift and a tool that has been provided for you by your Creator.

Use it wisely.



We are going to discuss the marriage of spirit and matter, which is the key to understanding and fulfilling your purpose for incarnating on Planet Earth.

Whereas the masculine principle governs the descension of spirit into matter, the feminine principle governs the ascension of matter into spirit.

Your Earth Mother has chosen the profound birthing process that is now taking place on this planet.

You are ready for the profound changes that are now unfolding.

The more you focus on time, the more you are limited by time.

Becoming one with Planet Earth is the key to reversing the aging process.

If you want to reverse the aging process, simply merge and commune with your Earth Mother continuously on a daily basis.

This will catapult you into an expansion of consciousness that is beyond anything that you can presently imagine.

Your heart center is the key to allowing this quantum leap in the expansion of your consciousness to take place.

Your heart center must be open to accommodate the intensified frequencies of light that are now transforming Planet Earth.

Your mental capacity will also expand as your heart chakra opens.

Your Mother Earth longs for humanity to awaken and recognize her and align with her.

The first quantum leap in consciousness will be astounding to your mind, which will then desire further quantum leaps.

The new rhythm and frequency of your Mother Earth will take your breath away at first.

Surrendering your outer mind to your inner being is the key that will allow you to accept this radical expansion of consciousness.

Be willing to accept the greatest expansion of consciousness that you are capable of receiving.

Make all of the agreements with your Earth Mother that your heart can allow so that you may merge and become one with her.

Allow yourself to merge and become one with your Creator.

You will eventually come to understand the true significance of the process of incarnating spirit into matter.

We will assist you to make the most of this opportunity if you choose.


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