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Allisone Heartsong passed away on 8 November 2008.  He will be deeply missed by his many friends and loved ones. 

If you wish to share thoughts or say farewell or give a blessing, email it to me (zepp@finestplanet.com) and I will put it up here on the index page of Allisone's webpage as a memorial.  See his table of contents for details about a memorial service.

from the song All-is-one

   Farewell, beloved friend, for once again
 your boat has left these Earthly shores.

   I see up in the night your radiant Light.
 Once again amongst the stars you soar.

   A cry came from the night.
 You heard and brought your Light
   and touched a million souls
 who thirsted.

   In service to the One,
 you journeyed from the Sun
   and helped to raise the final
 curtain.   -- Shalomar
Words cannot express my appreciation for his Being and Mission - further, he and i
were friends and life Brothers. My prayers and thoughts are in celebration of his Being and i have already contacted the 70 members of the Circle of Intention.
We are Dedicating our Gathering this coming Monday to All-is-one's future journey, joy and evolution! 

-- George Humphreys, Austin, TX

I saw All is One  walking down the street the last time we were in 
Shasta and I remember marveling at how he just keeps on going, 
his strong walk and that air about him that  was so sure of each 
step.  He was such a part of Shasta for a long time and  
I'm sure his presence will be missed greatly.  
-- Tara
Dearest Allisone... Our paths have been crossing for well over twenty-five years now
and I have never ceased to be amazed at your steadfast dedication to seeking and
sharing TRUTH wherever you go! Sending infinite blessings and much love for the
journey to your Beloved Light Realms Allisone.

-- Christara Shirley Orlich

You were called by the Creator's Voice to fulfill a Divine Mission in another
place on another shore.
Your love, your light, your wit, your wisdom, and especially your friendship will be missed.  

-- Shalomar

All is one, I celebrate your Presence, your ever-present smile 
and eyes radiating love...always. 
In deepest appreciation of our time together.
--I love you, Mary Saint-Marie
I am grateful to have first met All-is-One at Grace's Retreat in August 2007.  I felt his
gentle Heart and soft spoken way of Being.  My Heart is quiet and sad at this moment. 
In meeting a friend, I often feel that they will be lighting the Planet and walking this plane
of existence forever. 
Now it is time to release the physical presence and know that his Spirit is present and
s taking another form.  Thank you All-is-One for the Wisdom you shared with us and the
Light you have been to our World.

You are loved.


~~~Violet Schindler 

To my dear heart friend of the ages, Allison....

May our friendship extend across the universes. May your great 
I AM Presence continue to embrace and expand all that is Eternally True. 

You are a blessing, Allisone, wherever you journey within the One Heart, 
so go well, dearest one, into the Great Light and the Eternal Love which 
is your natural inheritance and your true abode. 

I will meet you there.
Kamala (Julianne) Everett

I have known Allisone peripherally for many years, and what I remember the most about him is how supportive he was of Grace and Claire Heartsong, as they were coming into expressing their own gifts to humanity. I believe he helped both of them with their books. It seemed to be his dharma. I know there were others as well, who benefited from knowing this man. He was quite handsome, when I first knew him, and even age did not diminish that fact.
Many years later, Allisone lived fairly close to me, and we often passed each other, when he was out walking in the neighborhood, and I was either gasping along, during my running phase, or walking to and from the Golden Bough. We always said hellos. He walked the same roads every day, often lost in his own world of thought.
Whenever Allisone came into the Golden Bough, he would always offer the highest praise for what Otto and I were doing. He rarely bought anything, but it was nice that he was grateful for us holding the space. I donít think people realize how challenging it can be at times. I always appreciated him for that and for how helpful he has been to others. He was a gentle, well educated and well bred soul. While I felt he was phasing into other dimensions, I was shocked that he seemed to leave with so little effort and notice. I hope it was easy for him, and that he has been greeted by loved ones on the other side. Jessie Zapffe Golden Bough Books Mount Shasta

*Something wonderful is about to happen!
Jessie Zapffe*

(click for high resolution version)                 Thanks you--Paula Tyndale 

Thank you for your presence and the Light you shared.

-- Shahan

Allisone's greatest tragedy is that he wanted to matter to people.  His greatest triumph was that he did.  If I despaired of humanity, he was always there to provide a beneficent counterexample.  Allisone, thank you for your friendship these many years.

-- Zepp Jamieson

I had the pleasure of meeting Allisone just before Christmas 2004, and we had been good friends since that time.  I was deeply impressed with his shining presence and often thought of him as the personified example to follow, on the spiritual path.  He left us with his eyes open and a slight smile on his face.  He will be missed by many. 

-- Wayne Kingsbury