Alternative Ways of Coping with the Shadow

12 December 2006

Dear Paul:

I have read your current transmission titled "Meeting the Other Within" and would like to offer this reflection by way of feedback.

I find it helpful to make a clear distinction between four different states of being which are the result of four different ways of responding to the negative subconscious shadow within one's own human personality:

1) To deny and project results in a psychotic state of being.

2) To acknowledge and fight results in a neurotic state of being.

3) To acknowledge and submit results in a psychopathic state of being.

4) To acknowledge and transmute results in a healthy state of being.

In Love's pure Light,

All-is-one Heartsong

Addendum #1

Option number three means that when the conscious ego portion of the human personality allows itself to become governed by the intimidating and terrifying fear engendered by the accusations, condemnations, death threats, and commands to commit suicide which are directed against it by the negative subconscious superego-shadow, acting like an irrational conscience which has become transformed into an unscrupulous and ruthless tyrant, then in effect the conscious ego becomes unconscious as the formerly subconscious negative superego-shadow becomes conscious and takes over the whole personality for the specific purpose of directing all the aggressive energy outward against others rather than inward in the form of self punishment.

This has the effect of creating a psychopathic personality, which derives conscious sadistic pleasure from first deceiving, then
subjugating, and finally destroying other human beings.

This is precisely what is currently being acted out globally on the world stage by the psychopathic Dark Illuminati through the United States government as well as the Israeli government for humanity to experience for the ultimate purpose of gathering wisdom.


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