Allisone Heartsong
 2001 In God We Trust
  1. I believe that the source of all life is spiritual rather than material.
  2. I believe that life is a process of gathering wisdom by first making choices and then experiencing the internal and external consequences of those choices.
  3. I believe that human beings have immortal souls which reincarnate through many lifetimes.
  4. I believe that Planet Earth is a schoolroom for the evolution of consciousness, the graduates of which are known as ascended masters.
  5. I believe that the distinction between darkworkers who perceive in separation consciousness and lightworkers who perceive in unity consciousness is an essential prerequisite to understanding what life in this multidimensional world of polarized illusion is really all about.
  6. I believe that a conspiracy of darkworkers has used a fraudulent money system based on taxation, usury, and debt to carry out the economic subjugation of humanity by instigating a series of wars in which they financed both sides of the conflicts.
  7. I believe that all of our national governments have been bankrupted by the international bankers who now control our political leaders from behind the scenes for the purpose of creating a pseudo-democratic authoritarian world government in the name of peace.
  8. I believe that enlightened extraterrestrial space beings have been actively monitoring our planet since the first atomic bomb explosions in 1945, but that the global elite have misused their controlled media and our corrupted governments to carry out a comprehensive ongoing UFO cover-up as an integral part of their malevolent plan to keep the public ignorant and uninformed.
  9. I believe that the rate of change has been gradually accelerating throughout our world during the past several thousand years, so that more change occurred during the past century than occurred during the previous thousand years and more change will occur during the next ten years than occurred during the past century, the clear implication being that the potential for experiencing stress is now increasing exponentially with every passing year.
  10. I believe that we are now over halfway through a 25-year process of planetary ascension which began on 17 August 1987 and which will be completed by 21 December 2012, the general effect of which is to facilitate a harmonious spiritual awakening for all those who are in alignment with the Source of their being while creating increasing discord for all those who are not in alignment with the Source of their being.

(Please note that, whereas darkworkers who are perceiving in separation consciousness will misperceive Credo Aquarius as a dogmatic creed, lightworkers who are perceiving in unity consciousness will recognize it as a quantitative measurement of enlightenment in the form of a quiz. Stated as a percentage, what is your enlightenment quotient?)

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