Allisone Heartsong
 2004 In God We Trust

So long as our outer mind is not in alignment with our inner being (which has created our embodied mind for the purpose of having a human experience in limitation, separation, and invalidation), our outer mind will create a substitute identity in the form of a human personality that will first lock itself into a mental prison of self-judgment because it is ashamed of itself, next condemn itself to death as punishment for the crime of failing to be perfect, and then attempt to escape from its self-imposed prison by turning all of its frustration and rage outward against the world with the conscious intention of deceiving, subjugating, and destroying other people.

However, once we have made the empowering choice to place our outer mind in the service of our inner being, we are then able to love ourselves free from the prison of judgment, to release the illusion of being a separate person, and to shift out of separation consciousness into unity consciousness, as our inner being gradually transforms our outer mind personality into a miraculous instrument for demonstrating the triumph of the human spirit.


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