As you may know, humanity is gradually waking up to the fact that our beloved Planet Earth is now in the process of undergoing a radical transformation which is without precedent in human history. This radical transformation is nothing less than a process of planetary ascension, which is being facilitated by a halo of gamma-ray energy that currently surrounds our Milky Way galaxy and was recently discovered by scientists in 1997.

To be specific, our planet is now in the process of ascending from the third dimension through the fourth dimension into the fifth dimension of consciousness. Thus, even as our old world of unenlightened third-dimensional consciousness is dying of corruption and decadence, a whole new world of enlightened fourth-dimensional consciousness is already in the process of being born.

This unique website is a treasure chest of wisdom which has been created for the specific purpose of providing you with valuable information regarding our planetary ascension process.

Offered free of charge, this priceless information represents the enlightened perspective of the ascended masters on the seventh dimension of consciousness, which views the process of planetary ascension as a divinely-orchestrated dance between lightworkers (i.e., those who are in alignment with the Source of their being) and darkworkers (i.e., those who are out of alignment with the Source of their being).

This enlightening information has been made available through the consecrated work of Allisone Heartsong, whose knowledge of the ascension process is rooted in over seventy years of personal experience, including many years of personal instruction by the ascended master Saint Germain and by the archangel Gabriel.

Although the articles and poems on this website are protected by copyright, permission is hereby granted to copy and disseminate the information as widely as possible without charge.


The ultimate purpose of this website is to provide a metaphysical map by means of which everyone will be able to find their way home to our Creator Source, regardless of what stage in the evolution of consciousness they are currently experiencing.

There is only one reality, which is composed of twelve different dimensions of consciousness; however, there are three radically different perspectives from which that one reality may be experienced: 1) the darkworker’s perspective, which is characterized by the illusion of separation consciousness, 2) the lightworker’s perspective, which is characterized by the enlightened state of unity consciousness, and 3) the perspective of God-Realization, in which all polarities are embraced and merged.

Those who wish to access the key elements of this metaphysical map may do so by reading the following sequence of articles:

1. Parable of Enlightenment
2. The Evolution of Consciousness
3. The Heartsong Theory
4. Lightworkers and Darkworkers 
5. The Human Condition
6. What is a Darkworker?
7. What is a Lightworker?
8. The Ultimate Insight
9. The Seven Chakras
10. God-Realization


Those who wish to access information regarding the process of planetary ascension may do so by reading the following sequence of articles:

  1. Planetary Ascension Prophesied

  2. Planetary Ascension Confirmed

  3. What Is Your Choice?

  4. Exponential Change

  5. The Divine Plan

  6. The Ascension of Humanity

  7. The Dividing of the Ways


    Three of the most reliable channels of higher consciousness currently available are:

1) Mike Quinsey (  Select "ET First Contact") who channels the ascended master Saint Germain and several fifth-dimensional emissaries of the Galactic Federation (See St. Germain's Revelation, Channelings through Mike Quinsey, and St. Germain:People Power Proclamation in column four of this website.)

2)  Eterna ( who channels the ascended masters Sananda and Maitreya (See Sananda Reveals the Divine Plan, Planetary Ascension Update : September 2003, Planetary Ascension Update: 2004, Sananda's Revelation, Sananda's Prophecy, Sananda Confirms the Divine Plan and other messages from Sananda in Column 4 of this website.)

3)  Karen Cook ( who channels Archangel Gabriel (See Planetary Ascension Confirmed and The Dividing of the Ways in Column 4 of this website.)


Those who wish to facilitate their personal process of spiritual awakening may do so by reading The Book of Choices: Keys to Enlightenment by Allisone Heartsong.

All paths that lead to spiritual enlightenment are essentially a sequence of choices. When made with whole-hearted sincerity, the empowering choices contained in this unique little book constitute one version of the Way by means of which anyone who chooses may come into harmonious alignment with the Source of their being. In short, these choices constitute the volitional keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Orders for The Book of Choices may be placed at (Select Catalog/Spiritual)


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