Flightplan Deciphered

Allisone Heartsong
© 16 April 2006 In God We Trust

Flightplan is a recently-released film that I recommend you make a point of seeing, not because it is a diverting source of entertainment, but rather because it constitutes a valuable source of enlightenment.

Starring the consummate actress Jodie Foster, under the brilliant direction of Robert Schwentke, Flightplan is based on an ingenious screenplay by Peter Dowling and Billy Ray which, whether intentional or unintentional, has a covert significance capable of helping humanity to wake up from our insane Alice-in-Wonderland nightmare induced by the traumatic events of 9/11.

Stated in the simplest possible terms, the implicit message of this film is that our current task is to wake up from our traumatically induced nightmare, see through the deceptive illusions, and reclaim our power.

To be specific, Jodie plays the role of an intelligent American woman who has been doubly traumatized: first by the seemingly accidental death of her husband, and then by the mysterious disappearance of her six-year-old daughter on a crowded passenger plane during a flight from Germany back to the United States carrying her husbandís coffin.

The key to deciphering the covert significance of this cinematic masterpiece resides in the fact that the culprits, who have abducted the child as part of an elaborate extortion plot, turn out to be, not two innocent Muslims who constituted the initial suspects, but rather the air marshal and a flight attendant, to whom everyone looked for protection because they were in a position of authority.

Carried to its logical conclusion, the clear implication of this filmís message is that we can no longer rely on our governments to protect us because they have degenerated into corrupt protection rackets which seek to subjugate us in the guise of protecting us.

What this ultimately means is that We the People must reclaim our sovereign power and stop giving it away to corrupt governmental agents whose actions have proved to be unworthy of our trust.

There is one brief sequence, which occurs toward the end of this extraordinary film, that is particularly deserving of our most careful attention.

I am referring to the interaction which occurs between Jodie, the air marshal, and the captain, just as they are about to leave the plane after all of the other passengers have disembarked.

This brief interaction constitutes a most remarkable study of the question: Who is really in control now?

What I would like to propose for your consideration is that the answer to this question may be applicable to the current interaction between We the People, the Dark Illuminati, and the Ashtar Command of the Galactic Federation who are patiently encouraging us to wake up and reclaim our power.

When Jodie suddenly realizes that she is momentarily in control of the situation, she immediately chooses a courageous course of action which gives exercising that control priority over attempting to reveal the truth.


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