At three o’clock on the morning of 12 June 2008, my inner being invited my outer mind to include in volume one of my autobiography the following formula for healing the punitive conscience when it becomes activated by the psychological reorientation which occurs during adolescence.

CONSCIOUS EGO: “I am no longer willing to play the role of an obedient child who submits to parental authority and tries to be perfect.”

SUBCONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE: “Then I will have to change from playing the role of your guide and protector to playing the role of your judge and executioner, who judges you to be guilty of disobedience and who condemns you to death for failing to be perfect, but who then agrees to postpone your death sentence on condition that you do penance for your sins by punishing yourself with masochistic acts of increasing self-sacrifice so as to avoid being punished by me with paralyzing attacks of depression culminating in suicide.”

SUPERCONSCIOUS SELF: “Rather than changing from the role of a benevolent, rational, and sane conscience to the role of a malevolent, irrational, and insane conscience, your subconscious conscience is hereby invited to join with your conscious ego in becoming a harmonizer who practices unconditional forgiving love for the purpose of crossing the bridge of adolescence harmoniously from the role of an immature and dependent child to the role of a mature and independent adult who is free to enjoy life by following your heart’s desires so as to be true to your innermost self.”

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