Allisone Heartsong
25 May 2005 In God We Trust

By accepting the false core belief that we are powerless creatures who are the helpless victims of circumstance, humanity has unwittingly allowed itself to be indoctrinated, subjugated, imprisoned, and enslaved by the psychopathic global elite.

As a consequence, the third dimension of consciousness on Planet Earth has become transmogrified into a judgmental mental prison characterized by separation, limitation, and invalidation.

The key to freedom consists in releasing ourselves from the tenacious grip of this false core belief by waking up to the realization that we are powerful creators who are capable of using our power of choice to create our external lives and our internal personalities any way that we choose.

Once we make the empowering choice to claim our mastery by surrendering and aligning our outer minds to our inner being, liberating ourselves from our mental prisons of judgmental emotion through the practice of unconditional forgiving love, and releasing our ego attachment to the false belief that we are a separate person, we will then be able to free ourselves from the illusion that we are human beings having some spiritual experiences and wake up to the reality that we are spiritual beings having some human experiences.

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