What Does Whale Rider Really Mean?


Beloved Friends:

Even if you have seen it before, I heartily recommend that you celebrate this pivotal point in the history of humanity on Planet Earth
by reviewing the cinematic masterpiece WHALE RIDER (2003), starring Keisha Castle-Hughes and Rawiri Paratene; written and
directed by Niki Caro; based on the book by Witi Ihimaera; music by Lisa Gerrard.

When the heir to the leadership of a Maori tribe dies at birth, his twin sister is misperceived by her grandfather as being incapable of taking his place, until her natural ability to communicate with the higher consciousness of whales when she is only twelve years old proves otherwise.

What makes this film so incredibly powerful is the fact that the natural ability of this young girl to communicate with the higher consciousness of whales exemplifies our natural ablility as human beings to communicate with our own higher selves.

It is a sign of the times when this cinematic masterpiece ends with the words: "I'm not a prophet, but I know that our people will go forward all together with all of our strength."

In Love's pure Light,

All-is-one Heartsong


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