Allisone Heartsong
© 13 January 2006 In God We Trust

The 3D world as we know it is like a hall of mirrors in a fun house which is designed to serve as a testing ground for humanity. In other words, it is a mystery school, the graduates of which are known as ascended masters. Thus, it is not meant to be healed, but rather it is meant to be transcended.

The healing of humanity occurs when human beings shift from the 3D world of separation consciousness, which is limited to a physical body (first dimension) plus an emotional body (second dimension) plus a mental body (third dimension), into unity consciousness which is characterized by love (fourth dimension), power (fifth dimension), and wisdom (sixth dimension).

This is accomplished by opening the heart (fourth chakra = fourth dimension) through the practice of unconditional forgiving love and non-attachment to the 3D world of illusion.

ADDENDUM: 2 June 2006

Beginning on 7 May 2006, I unexpectedly passed through my own personal experience of chemtrail poisoning, which I chose to respond to without judgment by regarding it as my final examination prior to graduation.

(For reliable information regarding chemtrail poisoning, see the DVD documentary by Clifford Carnicom, “Aerosol Crimes”, which can be obtained through www.carnicom.com).

Then, unexpectedly, around three o’clock on the morning of 2 June 2006, I woke up from a deep sleep to find myself in a profoundly altered state of unity consciousness that enabled me to witness the healing of collective humanity through the empowering choice to embrace, forgive, and merge with the Dark Illuminati (who have served as humanity’s subconscious shadow for the purpose of killing humanity’s joy), which is the key to healing separation consciousness in the illusion of duality.

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