Beloved Friends:

I invite you to make a point of seeing the DVD version of JOSEPH (1995), starring Paul Mercurio, Walter Landau, and Ben Kingsley; directed by Roger Young; written by Lionel Chetwynd; teleplay by James Carrington.

This magnificent cinematic masterpiece tells the true story of Joseph the Israelite, son of Jacob, great-grandson of Abraham, father
of Queen Tiye as well as Manasseh and Ephraim, and therefore grandfather of both Moses and Akhenaten, the illustrious founders of monotheistic religion.

For the true story of what then happened at that pivotal point in human history, which brought the glorious Eighteenth Dynasty of
ancient Egypt to an inglorious end, I invite you to first read my illustrated historical treatise (The Bible's Cover-Stories Revealed:
The Golden Keys That Unlock History) and then read my forthcoming book (Channeling the Apocalypse: From the Eighteenth Dynasty to the Current Incarnations).

In Love's pure Light,
All-is-one Heartsong  


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