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© 2004 In God We Trust

In 1945, during my senior year at Palm Springs High School, I was miraculously blessed with profound expansions of my consciousness, which occurred spontaneously as I gazed up at the stars in the evenings while walking slowly around the block where I lived on Val Monte del Sur.

Although I did not understand them at the time, I now know that these extraordinary expansions of consciousness were caused by a spontaneous shift out of our normal state of separation consciousness, which is characterized by the illusion that we are separate from one another and separate from our source, into our natural state of unity consciousness, which is characterized by the absolute knowing that we are all connected with one another like sunbeams radiating out into the darkness from one central sun.

Accompanied by profound feelings of exaltation, reverence, and bliss, these spontaneous experiences of absolute knowing were so powerful and so real that they made everything else seem unimportant by comparison.

As a matter of fact, these repeated experiences were so unmistakably real that I simply assumed they were available to everyone. However, I soon discovered to my great disappointment that this was not at all the case. Although I made several attempts to share my experiences with others, no one knew what I was talking about. Thus, it was not until I read Plato’s Allegory of the Cave a couple of years later that I began to understand my situation

In retrospect, it is clear to me that these miraculous experiences, which occurred during my senior year of high school in Palm Springs, exerted a decisive influence on my life by instantly humbling my mind in such a way as to permanently transform me from an intellectual into a mystic.

Forty years later, for approximately one hour of earthly time on the morning of 12 January 1985 – shortly after connecting with the ascended master Saint Germain in 1981 and the archangel Gabriel in 1982 – I was blessed with a timeless glimpse of the ultimate reality of unity consciousness, in comparison with which this world of illusion in separation consciousness seems like an ephemeral dream.

Thus it is that, 59 years after my spiritual awakening began in 1945, I have some good news to share with you in the year 2004.

The good news is that this world in which we appear to be living is not our true home, but rather a world of illusion from which we will eventually wake up to the realization that it was only a dream.

In other words, the good news is that we are not our physical bodies, which are merely the vehicles that we use as a means of incarnating into this wondrous world of limitation, separation, and invalidation for the purpose of gathering wisdom by first making choices and then experiencing the internal as well as the external consequences of our choices.

To be more specific, the good news is that we are spiritual beings who have created this world of illusion by using our free will to undertake the radical experiment of shifting out of our natural state of unity consciousness into our seemingly normal state of separation consciousness for the ultimate purpose of providing ourselves with a reverse mirror reflection of who we really are.

In short, the good news is that what appears to be reality is actually illusion, and what appears to be illusion is actually reality, the moral of this story being, "DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY APPEARANCES" because, although we appear to be human beings having some spiritual experiences, the reality is that we are spiritual beings having some human experiences.

Last but not least, if we now apply this insight to current world events, the good news is that, when the American Dream turns into an insane Alice In Wonderland nightmare, this means that it is time for us to wake up.

In conclusion, I would like to express the hope that my humble message may be of some assistance in helping you find your way through this wondrous world of illusion without getting lost in the labyrinth.

For those of you who are looking for reliable maps to help you find your way, I recommend that you begin with the videocassette Waking Life, next read Plato’s "Allegory of the Cave" in chapter seven of The Republic, and then make your way through the following sequence of books: The Disappearance of the Universe, The Power of Now, Conversations With God, The Ra Material, Radical Forgiveness, and A Course in Miracles.

And for those of you who are looking for an express route to enlightenment, empowerment, mastery, and liberation, I offer the following simple formula: relax your mind, open your heart, and allow the unconditional forgiving love that you are to flow forth from your inner being so as to love yourself free from all judgments, attachments, limitations, and expectations.

Bon Voyage!

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