Humanity's Final Examination

Allisone Heartsong
(c) 2003 In God We Trust 

As an integral part of the malevolent agenda by means of which the psychopathic global elite are attempting to conquer the world through the imposition of a totalitarian New World Order that is designed to enslave humanity in the guise of protecting humanity, the Bush Administration is pursuing an insane course which is intentionally designed, not only to gain control of the Iraqi and Saudi oil fields, but also to traumatize and subjugate the American people. Everyone who is awake and aware now knows that the carefully orchestrated events of 11 September 2001 were also an integral part of this malevolent agenda. Osama bin Laden was set up and provoked in much the same way that Saddam Hussein is now being set up and provoked for the second time.

What is harder to see, but even more important to realize, is the fact that the New World Order agenda of the psychopathic global elite constitutes an integral part of the Divine Plan whereby humanity is now passing through a process of final examination prior to graduation. Everyone who is spiritually enlightened knows this to be true, whereas the global elite are completely unaware of what I call "the big picture."

The essence of humanity’s final examination is that each of us must choose whether we are going be governed by fear or whether we are going to be governed by love.

Those who have made the choice to align their outer mind with their inner being will choose to be governed by love rather than by fear and will thereby pass through this final examination harmoniously, whereas those who have not made the choice to align their outer mind with their inner being will inevitably be governed by fear, as a consequence of which they will experience increasing stress and discord.

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