"Channeling the Apocalypse" by Arthur Earl Jones, Ph.D

To facilitate the awakening and enlightenment of humanity at our present pivotal point in human history, Dr. Jones invited the sixth-dimensional consciousness of his higher self to channel through the third-dimensional consciousness of his consecrated mind the absolute knowing of what really happened to Pharaoh Akhenaten and his family during a previous pivotal point in human history, thereby solving the mysterious puzzle of Egyptís Eighteenth Dynasty, while at the same time resolving the perplexing riddle of Judeo-Christian religion.

That apocalyptic revelation, which was published during the first half of 2007 as The Bibleís Cover-Stories Revealed: The Golden Keys That Unlock History, has now been confirmed and validated during the second half of 2007 by the publication of this new book titled Channeling the Apocalypse: From the Eighteenth Dynasty to the Current Incarnations.

In this spectacular exposť, Archangel Gabriel, speaking through his dedicated full-body channel Karen Cook of Albuquerque, New Mexico, provides incontrovertible confirmation of the akashic truths revealed in the previous publication, both books being based on the fundamental distinction between fear-based darkworkers who seek to conceal the truth, and love-based lightworkers who seek to reveal the truth.

Drawing on the entries in his private journal from October of 2006 through September of 2007, Dr. Jones shares the most intimate details of his personal experiences while channeling this apocalyptic revelation.

Suffice it to say that Archangel Gabrielís revelations regarding the current incarnations of several key players in the grand drama of Egyptís Eighteenth Dynasty are absolutely electrifying.


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