channeled by
Allisone Heartsong
 2000 In God We Trust

On 2 August 2000, around three o'clock in the morning, I was gifted by the angels with a song that I would like to share with you.

It began with the music, which had a very playful cadence that reminded me of a group of very young children joyfully marching in single file with exaggerated movements that seemed designed to evoke, not only smiles, but peals of joyful laughter.

Then came the words, which were of such a nature that I had no choice but to get up and write them down.



1. Laugh your way through life.
    Keep your sense of humor.


5. Joy will keep you light.
    Ego makes you heavy.


2. R-E-L-A-X
    That's how we spell freedom.


6. Know that all is one.
    See through the illusion.


3. Judging locks you in.
    Freedom is forgiving.


7. Love is all there is.
    You are God incarnate.


4. Grievance takes you down.
    Gratitude flies upward.


8. Sing and laugh and play.
    Dance your way to heaven.





When you need a lift
Sing the angel song


    If you wish to facilitate your spiritual awakening during this process of planetary ascension which we are now in the midst of, I recommend that you begin each day by listening to the CD of Rebekah Edminster's inspiring invocation of the archangels and the elohim, titled Invocation for World Angel Day, available on the net 

    I also recommend that you obtain a copy of Joel Andrew's CD "Iridescence" by sending $20 to Golden Harp, P.O. Box 1073, Mendocino, CA, 95460, and listen to it every evening before going to sleep.  

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