Allisone Heartsong
 27 April 2005 In God We Trust

This is the place
where we learn how to hide
by pretending to be
whatever we are not;

how to make ourselves small
playing fraudulent roles
which are substitute identities
in a game that we call life;

how to use our will
to keep our consciousness contracted
so as to deny the truth
of who we really are;

how to use our thoughts
to lower our frequency
by suppressing our feelings
and our intuitive knowing;

how to imprison ourselves
with judgmental emotions
of fear, grievance, anger,
guilt, and depression;

how to use our minds
to close our hearts
so as to block the joyful flow
of forgiving love and compassion;

how to use our beliefs
to close our eyes
to the facts of life
which we know to be true;

how to keep ourselves entertained
with the endless distractions
which hold us in the illusion
that we are separate from our Source;

how to live from the outside in,
conform to the expectations of others,
and betray our innermost selves
by playing it safe and fitting in;

how to allow our fears
of being rejected and crucified
to dim our radiance,
so that others may choose
to go on sleeping in comfort
rather than risk waking up
from their dreams and nightmares
to the overwhelming brilliance
of the light that we are.

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