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 2004 In God We Trust

During the past two centuries, the global elite, guided by Orion darkworkers and black magician adepts, have used the doctrine of secular humanism to turn people away from the love of their Creator, who is the Source of their being, thereby creating an increasingly atheistic society which worships money rather than God.

During the past century, the international bankers, who constitute the core of the global elite, have systematically subverted, corrupted, and bankrupted virtually every nation in the world, including the United States of America, thereby transforming legitimate governments that once served their citizens into illegitimate governments that now enslave their citizens.

During the past several decades since it was created, the United Nations has become transformed into an organization of bankrupted nations whose illegitimate governments have betrayed We The People while we have unwittingly allowed ourselves to be deceived, programmed, and manipulated by the controlled media into giving our sovereign power away and submitting to gradual subjugation by a totalitarian New World Order which seeks to enslave us in the guise of protecting us.

Once we realize that life in this wondrous world of illusion on Planet Earth is actually a divinely orchestrated process of spiritual initiation, it then becomes clear that, instead of judging and condemning the global elite for having lost their way in the labyrinth of separation consciousness, our essential task as lightworkers is to love and forgive all darkworkers by viewing them from the perspective of unity consciousness, which sees that what appear to be polarized opposites are actually polarized complements.


    "Darkness and light are both of one nature, different only in seeming, for each arose from the source of all. Darkness is disorder.  Light is order.  Darkness transmuted is light of the Light.  This, my children, your purpose in being: transmutation of darkness to light."

Thoth the Atlantean

Emerald Tablet XV

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