by Robert Howard Jones


Truth is what we search for
     In this journey through our life,
But for many of life's travelers
     It's a road of grief and strife.

Without truth we lose direction
     And the seas of life get rough;
We create our pains and problems
     By not seeking truth enough.

Truth will light your way in darkness
     When all else may seem to fail;
Truth will lead you out of bondage
     And in time will lift the veil.

For within each person's true self
     There is wisdom so profound,
That the mysteries of the ages
     Are revealed when truth is found.

Truth empowers us and it frees us,
     Just like love, it brings the light;
Keep your focus on these virtues,
     They will guide you with their might.

Turn within for God to guide you,
     For within the answers lie,
And this truth is universal:
    God, when asked, will not deny.

Truth and love will give you freedom,
    As the masters all agree;
Its been said down through the ages,
    That the truth will set you free.





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