Twelve Steps to God-Realization

by Allisone Heartsong

17 September 2007


1) Choose to use your free will to make empowering choices rather than disempowering choices.

2) Choose to learn, grow, evolve, and expand your consciousness rather than to maintain the status quo.

3) Choose to be a civilized lightworker who loves the truth rather than an uncivilized darkworker who fears the truth.

4) Choose to place your third-dimensional mind in the service of your fourth-dimensional heart, so as to become an enlightened human being with an open heart rather than an unenlightened human being with a closed heart.

5) Choose to live from the inside out rather than from the outside in, so as to never give your power away to anyone or anything perceived to be outside of yourself.

6) Choose to heal the illusion of separation by redefining polar opposites as polar complements, so as to shift out of separation consciousness into unity consciousness.

7) Choose to release all judgmental emotions by practicing unconditional forgiving love in every situation.

8) Choose to be that love which is the power to transmute discord into harmony.

9) Choose to make positive use of the universal law of attraction by keeping your attention focused on what you do want rather than on what you donít want.

10) Choose to live in alignment with the universal law of allowance by honoring the right of others to exercise their free will for the purpose of gathering wisdom from experiencing the consequences of their choices.

11) Choose to fly into the sun as an enlightened and empowered sunbeam so as to become one with our Creator Source.

12) Choose to be a God-Realized lover of all that is.


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