Allisone Heartsong
© 22 May 2005 In God We Trust

As was recently documented by the documentary film titled “The Corporation”, which should be seen by every human being on Planet Earth, when the Bechtel Corporation attempted to subjugate the native population of Cochabamba in Bolivia by first purchasing and then exploiting their water supply with the help of corrupt local governmental officials, the native population responded to the challenge by rising up and throwing out the Bechtel Corporation along with the corrupt governmental officials who had supported this outrageous violation of the people’s sovereign rights.

More recently, massive protest demonstrations by tens of thousands in La Paz, Bolivia, forced the resignation of President Carlos Mesa and his replacement by Eduardo Rodriquez on 9 June 2005.

Similarly, as reported by Greg Palast of the London Observer on 29 April 2005, when the President of Ecuador supported attempts by the World Bank to subjugate the native population of that oil-rich nation, approximately one hundred thousand people surrounded the presidential palace in the capital city of Quito, shouting “Everybody out!” thereby forcing President Lucio Gutierrez to take refuge in Brazil after hastily resigning his office in utter humiliation.

Although it looks like the American people may be the last to wake up, it is now only a matter of time before the White House in Washington, DC, is surrounded by an enraged contingent of We The People shouting: “Everybody out!”


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