Allisone Heartsong
 3 March 2005 In God We Trust

A lightworker may be defined as a civilized person who, having renounced both deception and coercion, practices the love of truth for the purpose of educating others. In other words, lightworkers are enlightened people who have made the empowering choice to help others become enlightened.

Being spiritually awake, lightworkers are fully aware of the fact that their ultimate aim is to create Heaven on Earth. By choosing to practice unconditional forgiving love in every situation, lightworkers are able to embrace and transmute negative judgmental emotions so as to facilitate the expansion and liberation of the collective consciousness of humanity.

The spawning ground for lightworkers may be found in the multitudes of enlightened people who acknowledge and align to the Source of their being. Thus, like all enlightened people, lightworkers are incarnations of the One Universal Being that we are who have made the positive choice to acknowledge and affirm their true identity as the Children of God.

The basic characteristic of all enlightened people is unity consciousness, which is the natural state that occurs when our heart chakra is open, and which consists in the absolute knowing that we are all connected with one another because the reality is that we are all part of one whole. Whereas unenlightened people in separation consciousness are by nature heavyhearted, calculating, and characterized by negative judgmental emotions of fear, anger, grievance, and guilt, enlightened people in unity consciousness are by nature lighthearted, spontaneous, and characterized by positive feelings of love, joy, enthusiasm, and gratitude.

As is the case with all enlightened people, the outer minds of lightworkers are in alignment with their inner beings. Consequently, they are able to know the truth, to love the truth, and to speak the truth. Indeed, it is precisely because they are blessed with divine guidance in the form of intuitive knowing that they are able to find their way through this wondrous world of polarized illusion without getting lost in the labyrinth.

Like all enlightened people, instead of regarding themselves as human beings who are having some spiritual experiences, lightworkers regard themselves as spiritual beings who are having some human experiences. However, unlike most enlightened people, lightworkers have arrived at the point in their spiritual evolution where they use their power of choice to make the empowering choice to be one with their Creator Source by choosing to be lovers of truth.

Unlike darkworkers, who perceive themselves as disempowered creatures and act like self-imprisoned victims of circumstance, lightworkers perceive themselves as empowered creators who use their power of choice to create their experiences for the purpose of gathering wisdom. Thus, whereas darkworkers seek external power over others as a means of compensating for their disempowered state of being, lightworkers cultivate their internal power as a means of claiming their mastery. And it is precisely when they become ascended masters as a consequence of making the empowering choice to return home to Source through the process of God Realization that lightworkers constitute the supreme example of God acknowledging God.