By Allisone Heartsong
© 27 August 2005 In God We Trust

1. I am a spiritual being having a human experience of awakening to the realization that I am a spiritual being.

2. I am a Child of God co-creating my experiences with every choice that I make for the purpose of gathering wisdom.

3. I am a lightworker who is learning how to embrace the dark within myself for the purpose of merging all polarities through the practice of unconditional forgiving love.

4. I am learning that I am lovable for who I am rather than merely for what I do.

5. I am learning to forgive so as to love myself free from all of the mental prisons of judgmental emotion in which I have unwittingly imprisoned myself.

6. I am learning how to place my outer mind in the service of my inner being so as to shift out of the illusion of third-dimensional separation consciousness into the reality of fourth-dimensional unity consciousness.

7. I am learning how to expand my consciousness by opening my heart chakra so as to align all of my chakras into a unified pillar of light.

8. I am learning how to maintain my integrity by living from the inside out, being true to my innermost self, following my heartís desire, doing what brings me joy, and never giving my power away to anyone or anything outside of myself.

9. I am learning how to be in the continuous present by allowing all of my doing to flow naturally as the spontaneous expression of my being.

10. I am learning how to ride the powerful energies of the planetary ascension wave by maintaining my balance so as not to get churned by the wave.

11. I am learning how to relax in alpha and theta rather than simply oscillating back and forth between beta and delta.

12. I am learning how to shift my identity from my human personality, which is the substitute identity that I have created for the purpose of giving myself a reverse reflection of that which I am, to my spiritual being who is the creator of my human personality.

13. I am learning how to release the ego illusion of being a separate person so that I may discover that I am one with all that is.

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