It's the End of the World as We Have Known It

Dear Friends:

Last night, at 1:30 in the morning of 15 January 2008, I had a strange dream that I feel compelled to report and share with you because it is, not only unusual, but completely wthout precedent in my experience.

In this dream, I am driving alone on a superhighway that first becomes desolate, next becomes devoid of traffic, and then becomes
absolutely weird as it suddenly terminates, forcing me to enter a narrow single-lane road which makes a complete U-turn, as I
wake up to the realization that this is the end of the line and that this illusion has no future.

My interpretation of this truly extraordinary dream is that my higher self is informing my consecrated mind that we have now   reached the end of this world as we have known it and that it is time for us to wake up from the old illusion to the new reality.

In Love's pure Light,
Arthur Earl Jones, Ph.D.
also known as
All-is-one Heartsong  


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