The Way I See It

Dear Joy:

When viewed from the ascended masters' perspective on the seventh dimension of consciousness, the contest between darkworkers
and lightworkers which has been taking place on Planet Earth in the third dimension of separation consciousness, can be seen as a dance that has been orchestrated by spirit in accordance with a Divine Plan which honors the free will of all participants.

However, the Dark Illuminati are not aware of this Divine Plan and do not understand the adversarial role which they have been assigned to play in this divinely orchestrated drama. Consequently, they are operating under the illusion that this global financial collapse constitutes an integral part of their diabolical agenda for enslaving humanity, whereas the reality is that this global financial collapse signals the checkmate with which their chess game is about to be terminated.

The ascended master Saint Germain and the Archangel Gabriel are in charge of our planetary ascension process, which has now entered the culminating phase of our final examination prior to graduation, and everyone who has chosen to incarnate on Planet Earth
at this pivotal point in human history has a role to play in this divinely orchestrated drama.

I am in alignment with the Intenders' Bridge reminder #64.

In Love's pure Light,
All-is-one Heartsong  


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