Educational Classes in Self-Discovery

Allisone Heartsong
 2004 In God We Trust

1. How to become more awake and aware.

2. How to arrive at a clear understanding of what life is really all about.

3. How to stop being a disempowered creature who is a helpless victim of circumstance and start realizing that you are a powerful creator who is capable of creating your experiences through your choices.

4. How to make wise choices.

5. How to live your life more wisely and enjoy your life more fully.

6. How to approach your life as a grand adventure.

7. How to transform your life into a treasure hunt.

8. How to pursue happiness rather than unhappiness as a way of life.

9. How to realize that your intrinsic nature is like the seed of a tree which will unfold naturally when it is nourished with the sunshine of love and the water of understanding.

10. How to stop being treated like a lump of clay on which extrinsic patterns are imposed in the form of demands and prohibitions enforced by rewards and punishments.

11. How to recognize when you are being indoctrinated with propaganda and manipulated with disinformation.

12. How to develop discernment so as not to be deceived by appearances.

13. How to distinguish between what is true and what is false.

14. How to determine what is worthy of your trust and what is not.

15. How to develop courage so as not to be governed by fear.

16. How to stop living to please or displease other people and start living to please yourself.

17. How to live from the inside out rather than from the outside in.

18. How to acquire integrity by being true to yourself.

19. How to live in the continuous present so as not to get trapped in the past or the future.

20. How to utilize present opportunities to prepare yourself for meeting future challenges.

21. How to get the most out of life.

22. How to learn and grow from every experience.

23. How to develop your ability to interpret your own dreams.

24. How to replace mental confusion with mental clarity.

25. How to become more intelligent.

26. How to develop your creative abilities.

27. How to improve your ability to communicate.

28. How to increase your vocabulary.

29. How to select your vocational path.

30. How to keep your priorities straight.

31. How to stop wasting your time by learning how to use it wisely.

32. How to stop procrastinating.

33. How to establish lasting relationships with loyal friends.

34. How to appreciate your sexual energy so as to use it wisely.

35. How to raise happy children.

36. How to cultivate health and prosperity.

37. How to simplify your life and avoid the rat race.

38. How to avoid stress by relaxing tensions.

39. How to keep your balance by developing your sense of humor.

40. How to change from a heavy-hearted attitude to a light-hearted attitude.

41. How to have more fun in your life.

42. How to overcome your doubts and fears.

43. How to minimize disappointments in your life.

44. How to free yourself from the paralyzing effects of anxiety and depression.

45. How to shift out of a negative downward spiral into a positive upward spiral.

46. How to replace low self-esteem with high self-esteem.

47. How to avoid making stupid mistakes.

48. How to avoid getting lost in the labyrinth.

49. How to find your spiritual path.

50. How to realize your potential by fulfilling your potentialities.

51. How to live your life like an Olympic athlete preparing for a major event.
52. How to stop limiting yourself.

53. How to liberate yourself from your self-imposed mental prisons.

54. How to convert your shadow so as to eliminate internal conflict and self-sabotage from your life.

55. How to move from a fear-based orientation to a love-based orientation.

56. How to clear and align your lower chakras.

57. How to open and activate your upper chakras.

58. How to align your masculine principle (will and thinking) with your feminine principle (consciousness and feeling).

59. How to expand your consciousness.

60. How to align your outer mind with your inner being.

61. How to discover who you really are, so that you can stop identifying with your personality.

62. How to become a harmonizer who knows how to transmute discord into harmony.

63. How to achieve peace of mind.

64. How to become enlightened.

65. How to raise your frequency into a higher vibration.

66. How to shift out of the third dimension into the fourth dimension.

67. How to ascend from the illusion of separation consciousness into the reality of unity consciousness.

68. How to claim your mastery.

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