Allisone Heartsong
 2003 In God We Trust

Here are a few questions with which we can challenge ourselves to search for the answers.

Who are we, really, and why are we choosing to gather together at this pivotal point in human history?

Who is Ra, and what is it that makes the unique perspective of Ra so exceptionally interesting and so extraordinarily valuable?

Why were Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and James McCarty selected to serve as a consecrated channeling team through which the wisdom of Ra could be transmitted to humanity?

What is the unique methodology which enabled Ra to reveal the secrets of the universe to humanity?

What can we learn by contemplating Ras perspectives regarding the fundamental questions of metaphysics, which is the branch of philosophy that includes ontology (the nature and origin of existence), cosmology (the structure and function of the universe), and epistemology (the methods and limits of human knowledge)?

What is the Law of One, and why does it constitute the key to understanding everything?

How do we determine whether something is true or false?

What is the difference between first-hand knowledge and second-hand information?

What is the relation between our intuitive guidance system (which is composed of our feelings and emotions) and our intellectual guidance system (which is composed of our thoughts and beliefs)?

What is the essential purpose of life, and what is the essential process of life?

What is the relation between the evolution of consciousness and the evolution of organisms?

Are we human beings who have chosen to have some spiritual experiences, or are we spiritual beings who have chosen to have some human experiences?

Is the evolution of humanity now on the threshold of a quantum leap?

Are the events of human history increasing at an exponential rate of acceleration which is now approaching infinity?

What is ascension, and how is it accomplished?

What is the planetary ascension process, and how can we make the most of this process to facilitate our individual ascension?

What is the essential difference between the third dimension of consciousness and the fourth dimension of consciousness?What are the key choices that enable us to shift out of the third dimension of consciousness into the fourth dimension of consciousness?

What is the most useful definition of the word: "ego"?

What is the key insight that enables us to free ourselves from the illusion of separation consciousness by merging all polarities?

What is the key choice that will bring us peace of mind once we are able to make it?

What is the relationship between enlightenment and mastery?

What is the essential prerequisite for achieving mastery?

What is the primary obstacle to claiming our mastery?

What is the relation between our inner being (which we experience as our higher self) and our outer mind (which we experience as our human self)?

What is meditation, and which of the various methods of meditation are most effective?

What is it that causes some people to become darkworkers who seek to enslave humanity, while other people become lightworkers who seek to liberate humanity?

What are some of the methods which have been used to seduce, corrupt, deceive, mislead, intimidate, subjugate, and enslave humanity?

What are some of the false beliefs which have been used to keep humanity unenlightened and disempowered?

                    What is the first rule for not getting lost in the labyrinth while living in this wondrous world of illusion?