8-8     Germain: NESARA will restore Constitutional government in America.
9-14   Germain: All is God, and God is Love.
9-15 Germain: Lightworkers are destined to overcome Dark Illuminati.
10-1 Germain: Patrick Fitzgerald is spiritually guided and protected.
10-12 SaLuSa: Removal of the last cabal will liberate humanity.
10-13 Atmos: Removal of criminal governments will transform planet.
10-17 Germain: Humanity is now in final examination prior to graduation.
10-21 Ela: You will ascend to the fifth dimension by 2012.
10-22 Germain: Constitution will be restored, and humanity will ascend.
10-26 Germain: First Contact will be announced after Bush is removed.
10-27 Atmos: Process of removing the last cabal begins this week.
10-28 Germain: First Contact to be announced after last cabal removed.
10-29 Germain: Light versus dark is chess game approaching checkmate.
11-3 Diane: War will cease and peace will be declared in 2006.
11-4 Ker-On: You will soon reconnect with your higher self.
11-5 Germain: Those who choose to ascend will remain on Planet Earth.
11-7 Ela: Ascension transforms from carbon-based to silicon-based.
11-8 Atmos: Fitzgerald is a protected lightworker darkworkers fear.
11-9 Germain: Darkworkers will be defeated by grassroot lightworkers.
11-16 Germain: Saint Germain will soon return as Planet Earth ascends.
11-22 Atmos: Galactic Federation will announce First Contact in 2006.
11-26 Ag-agria: America is destined to become a great nation once again.
11-28 Germain: Planet Earth will be transformed during 2006 and 2007.
12-5 SaLuSa: Divine Plan is now bringing cycle of duality to an end.
12-8 Germain: Your cellular structure changing from carbon to silicon.
12-9 Ag-agria: The Dark Illuminati will be removed after First Contact.
12-13 Ker-On: Intervention of Galactic Federation is by Divine Decree.
12-21 Germain: "Now that time for the momentous shift has arrived."
12-30 Germain: "In forefront of matters appertaining to Mother Earth."
12-31 Atmos: Galactic Federation will announce First Contact in 2006.


1-2 Germain: The last cabal will be removed in 2006.
1-3 SaLuSa: The current contest between lightworkers and darkworkers will end in 2006.
1-4 Atmos: "This year is the turning point."
1-5 Ag-agria: "This year...will carry you forward with a quantum leap."
1-7 Ker-On: "We shall enforce our orders to free Humanity from the clutches of the Illuminati."
1-13 SaLuSa: The Illuminati are planning to create a crisis around Iran.
1-16 Germain: Removal of the dark in 2006 will begin the Golden Age.
1-17 Atmos: Dimensional shift will end duality.
1-18 SaLuSa: Your bodies are shifting from carbon-based to silicon-based.
1-20 Germain: "I stand at the helm and oversee the events on Earth."
1-25 Germain: "The Great Shift which is approaching...will lift you into the Golden Age."
1-26 Germain: Lightworkers are builders, and darkworkers are destroyers who will self-destruct.
1-27 Ker-On: Humanity became members of the Galactic Federation in 1993.
1-31 Ag-agria: Prepare for ascension by practicing unconditional forgiving love.
2-3 Atmos: We have been given authority to remove the last cabal.
2-6 Germain: Physical ascension of humanity by Divine Decree after First Contact establishes world peace.
2-7 SaLuSa: Galactic Federation's Ashtar Command will announce First Contact in 2006.
2-10 Germain: 9/11 terrorist attack was an inside job.
2-11 Atmos: Oppression of humanity by Dark Illuminati is ending by Divine Decree.
2-14 Diane: Experience is the only possession you can take with you when you ascend.
2-20 SaLuSa: Dark Illuminati will be indicted for 9/11, and the Constitution will be restored.
2-25 Germain: Photon belt is facilitating ascension of your physical bodies.
2-27 Atmos: Galactic Federation will remove Dark Illuminati cabal before end of 2006.
2-28 Germain: Humanity will soon be liberated from Dark Illuminati and then prepared for ascension.
3-1 Ker-On: Jesus Sananda and Saint Germain will return to Earth soon.
3-3 Ag-agria: Illuminati-controlled Bush regime is on the verge of collapse.
3-7 Germain: Ascension is a natural process of graduating to a higher dimension.
3-8 SaLuSa: Prepare to ascend with your physical body.
3-11 Germain: The ascension of Planet Earth is proceeding according to the Divine Plan.
3-13 Atmos: If your leaders refuse to step down, we will remove them.
3-14 Germain: 2006 will be the most eventful year you have ever known.
3-20 Germain: After descending into physical incarnation, you are now ascending back to Source.
3-23 Ag-agria: Lightworkers and darkworkers will soon go their separate ways.
3-28 Germain: "You know by now that I lead the plan for Earth and Humanity."
4-3 Germain: A grand cosmic cycle will end with planetary ascension by 2012.
4-6 Germain: This planetary ascension process is a cosmic event affecting the entire universe.



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