Arguelles, Jose; The Mayan Factor (1987)
Calleman, Carl Johan; The Mayan Calendar and the Evolution of Consciousness (2004)
Jenkins, John Major; Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 (1998)
Jenkins, John Major; Galactic Alignment (2002)
Marciniak, Barbara; Bringers of the Dawn
Miller, Richard T.; Star Wards (published in 1979 by Solar Cross Foundation)
Munro, Wendy; Journey Into the New Millennium: Transmissions from Sirius
Ra channeled by Carla Rueckert; The Ra Material  (1984)
Saint Germain through Azena: Earth's Birth Changes (1993, 2002)
Salla, Michael  Exopolitics (2004)
Windrider, Kiara; Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension (Heaven on Earth Project, P.O. Box 67, Mount  Shasta, CA 96067



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