Allisone Heartsong
 January 2005 In God We Trust

Our old way of life in the third dimension of separation consciousness is dying, and a whole new way of life in the fourth dimension of unity consciousness is now in the process of being born.

The dying of the old will become increasingly obvious during 2005, and the birthing of the new will become increasingly evident during 2006.

So be prepared for radical transformation internally as well as externally, because the years of 2005 and 2006 could turn out to be the pivotal point of our planetary ascension process.

I predict that the polarization of consciousness between lightworkers and darkworkers will become extreme during 2005 and will then be followed by a miraculous merging of polarities during 2006.

No matter what happens, remember that life is always a choice between love and fear, and that how we experience the events in our lives is determined, not so much by what happens, as by how we choose to respond to what happens.

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