Allisone Heartsong
 24 November 2005 In God We Trust

I predict that 2006 will be a year of radical change and transformation, which may well turn out to be the pivotal point of our planetary ascension process.

To be more specific, I predict that the next twelve months will be characterized by the following sequence of events, which reflect the dying of our old world of unenlightened separation consciousness in the third dimension and the simultaneous birthing of a whole new world of enlightened unity consciousness in the fourth dimension.

1. The housing market will decline.
2. Mortgage foreclosures will escalate.
3. People will begin to panic.
4. The Federal Reserve will resort to hyperinflation.
5. The dollar will continue to depreciate.
6. China will stop buying U.S. Treasury bills.
7. The global economy will collapse.
8. The Bush regime will disintegrate.
9. Humanity will turn to God for help.
10. Extraterrestrial contact will begin.
11. NESARA will replace the Federal Reserve.
12. Planet Earth will begin shifting into the fourth dimension.

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