Protecting Yourself from Negative Energies

by John Cali

Have you ever felt you were the target of negative energies? Energies
coming, perhaps, from someone who doesn't like you or have your highest good
in mind. What can you do about it?

I received a letter from one of our readers this past week. She was asking
my opinion of a difficult situation she was dealing with -- people she
perceived as sending her negative energy. Here's an excerpt from her letter,
followed by my response.

I would value your input as to the method I have developed when negative
energies are aimed at me. What I learned is that allowing negative energies
to pass through me is not good. Do you believe that returning them to the
sender is a good way of dealing with them? My inner voice tells me that if I
were to allow those energies to go anywhere else could be even worse,
perhaps affecting others around me negatively.

I agree with you -- allowing negative energies to pass through you is not
good. In fact, even allowing them into your life is not good. And returning
them to the sender is even worse.

You just get more of what you focus on, as Chief Joseph has said many times
over the years. And so if you focus on negativity, you'll only get more
negativity manifesting in your life.

Your job is not to protect the world. In fact, your job is not to protect
yourself either. Neither you nor the world need any protection.

Your job, as I see it, is to stay centered within yourself, within your
higher self. In that place of centered peace and joy, you are totally safe.
Nothing negative can touch you. Unless you let it. And if you're sending
negative energy back to the person who sent it to you, you are simply
getting yourself into a downward spiral which does neither you nor the other
person any good.

Life is not about protecting yourself or others or the world. Life is about
doing what brings you joy. Pure and simple -- that's the purpose of your

The more you accept that idea, and integrate it into your life, the more joy
you will find in your life. And the more deliberately joyful you are, the
more joy you will radiate out into the world. Then you will find yourself
less and less of a target for negative energies.

And now here's Chief Joseph.
Chief Joseph
First of all, let's start with this premise: There are no negative energies.
There is simply energy.

Now, you all have access to all the energy in the Universe. And since you
have absolute freedom to do what you will, you can use that energy any way
you wish. You can use it to create positive experiences, or negative
experiences, for yourselves and for others.

Our reader's letter, as we see it, is all about resistance. Resistance, as
opposed -- nice word there :) -- to simply going with the flow of your

No one has the power to harm you unless you allow them to harm you. And you
allow others to harm you by resisting them. By fighting against them. By
fighting against what you do not want in your lives or in your world.
Instead of simply allowing it to all be okay.

Resistance, protest, complaining, criticizing, judging -- these are all
"negative" responses to what you perceive as "evil" in your lives and in
your world.

You would far better off if you simply paid attention to your own lives --
to getting more aligned with your higher selves.

Then, as John said, In that place of centered peace and joy, you are totally
safe. Nothing negative can touch you. Unless you let it.

Your "business" in this world, in this lifetime is not to save the world --
it doesn't need saving. Or to protect the world -- it doesn't need

Your job is get so powerfully aligned with who you really are, you will
radiate the joy and power of that connection out to those immediately around
you, and out to your planet and the entire Universe.

When you do that, you won't have any time to think about being a "victim" of
"negative" energies.

They simply will not exist for you.


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