Psychoanalyzing the Apocalypse

Allisone Heartsong
© 22 November 2006 In God We Trust

Like all unenlightened human beings who lose their way in the third dimension of consciousness, George W. Bush has disowned his subconscious shadow by projecting it onto other people so as to externalize the internal superego conflict, thereby directing his aggressive impulses outward against the world in an endless battle to avoid the alternative of punishing himself for his unconscious feelings of guilt which he has repressed and denied.

Having thus chosen the homicidal path of the sadist to escape from the suicidal path of the masochist, he now derives conscious pleasure from deceiving, subjugating, and destroying other human beings.

In other words, having lost his way in the labyrinth, he has sold his soul to the devil and, in the very process of trying to avoid being devoured by the Minotaur, has become the Minotaur.

Consequently, like all psychopaths who run protection rackets, George W. Bush is a destroyer disguised as a protector.

Because of his unique position as the fraudulent president of the fraudulent United States government, however, his is able to provide us with a clear reflection of humanity’s collective insanity, which is the ultimate consequence of separation consciousness in the third dimension.

We may even go so far as to say that George W. Bush constitutes the quintessential personification and prototype of what happens to human beings who choose the negative downward spiral of the uncivilized darkworker rather than the positive upward spiral of the civilized lightworker, who has renounced the use of deception and coercion in human relationships.

Having failed to open their heart chakra by first making the empowering choice to place their minds in the service of their hearts and then releasing all judgmental emotions through the healing power of forgiving love, they stay imprisoned in their minds and remain stuck in the first three dimensions of consciousness instead of loving themselves free and graduating into the higher dimensions of consciousness.

In short, they become the educational dropouts who are left behind during our planetary ascension process as a result of the dividing of the ways, which is a natural consequence of our final examination prior to graduation.

Having condemned themselves to another round of hell in the outer darkness known as the third grade (unless they have made the insane choice to pursue the segregated dead-end path of the black magician adept in the fourth dimension), they are deserving of our heartfelt compassion.

For those who wish to awaken from the current transmogrification of the American dream into the American nightmare, which was contrived by the Dark Illuminati and induced through the unconstitutional presidency of George W. Bush, I wholeheartedly recommend that you read and contemplate “The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis” by Paul Levy, beginning with the following quotations from pages 88-90.

“The entire Bush administration is suffering from a form of criminal insanity which we are all complicit in by allowing it to happen.”

“Contemplated symbolically, as a dreaming process, the archtype of the terrible father that is playing itself out through George Bush is provoking and prodding us to step into our true authority, or else.”

“This means that the figure of the dark father is initiatory, in that it either destroys us or propels us to have an expansion of consciousness.”

“Whether we are destroyed by the negative father or empowered is up to no one but ourselves. We collectively bear the responsibility for our current situation, and we also have within us the power to change it. The responsibility is ours. Someone’s gotta do it. Might as well be us.”

My treasured friends:

When our collective dream becomes transformed into an insane Alice-in-Wonderland nightmare, what this means is simply that it is now time for us to wake up.

The awakening of humanity from our insane nightmare in the third dimension of separation consciousness is the apocalyptic process of revealing the concealed psychodynamics of the superego-shadow within the human psyche, which is simply the psychoanalytic process of making conscious what was previously unconscious.

In Love's pure Light,

All-is-one Heartsong

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