The Gamma-Ray Halo

Computer visualization performed by the Center for Visual Computing, UC Riverside.

This is a computer-generated picture of our Milky Way galaxy, viewed from the edge of its disklike structure and surrounded by the violet halo of gamma-ray energy which is currently facilitating our planetary ascension process as predicted in 1987 by the I AM Presence of the ascended master Saint Germain through his dedicated full-body channel Azena Ramanda and subsequently confirmed in 1998 by Archangel Gabriel through his dedicated full-body channel Karen Cook. 

Please note that this computer-generated image of the gamma-ray halo surrounding our Milky Way galaxy is derived from scientific data collected by NASA’s Compton Gamma Ray Observatory and reported by Dave Dixon at a meeting of the High Energy Astrophysics Division of the American Astronomical Society on 4 November 1997.